Raez Games is an outstanding game development studio founded by two co-founders, Sam and Aiem, who are passionate about creating immersive, engaging, and innovative games. Our team consists of experienced character designers, developers, and 3D artists, who are dedicated to creating captivating gaming experiences for our players. We strive to push the boundaries of game development and create games that stay true to our principles of originality, replayability, and fun.

Meet the team


Our co-founder Sam possesses extensive experience in project management, process optimization and mechanical engineering. With 12 years of project management experience, he excels at leading teams and driving results. As an expert in process optimization and Industry 4.0, he is always looking to leverage technology to increase efficiency. He brings with him 10 years of mechanical engineering experience and patent creation which make his technical expertise invaluable.

In addition to his extensive work experience, he is a video games veteran with over 25 years of hardcore gaming experience. His passion for gaming is demonstrated by the diverse range of genres he enjoys, such as real-time strategy, role-playing, racing, fantasy open worlds and more.

Sam's broad skill set and passion for gaming will help solidify Raez Games as a force in the gaming world.


Our co-founder Aiem brings a wealth of knowledge with over 10 years of software development experience and 5+ years of leadership experience. He is a tech wizard that created and scaled software projects and companies, setting him apart as a leader in the field of software development.

His 3D pipelines and 3D modelling expertise allow him to deliver models that are of the highest quality. With a deep passion for fantasy worlds, he is able to craft immersive experiences that transport users to another realm.

Overall, Aiem is a skilled and dedicated co-founder with a passion for innovation in the gaming world and blockchain technology.

Social Media Director

Tina is our social media director responsible for creating a strategy that will help promote the studio's games, attract new users, and keep existing gamers engaged. Working with the rest of the team, she will execute plans tailored to the studio's specific needs and goals.

She is in tune with the latest trends in web3 as well as social media, and knows how to use those as an advantage. She will be working closely with the studio's founders to ensure that the marketing campaigns are aligned with the studio's overall goals. Tina brings a great deal of creativity, skill and dedication that will play a key role in the success of a gaming studio.

Concept Artist / Storyteller

Sarah is our concept artist and storyteller. She comes with a lot of experience in developing story arcs and plot twists. She has the ability to create compelling and engaging stories that captivate audiences and allows her to create memorable characters and worlds that resonate with players.

With a knack for improvisation and problem-solving, she can quickly adapt to unexpected changes in the game and create a seamless experience as needed. With our skilled storyteller, players can expect an immersive and unforgettable gaming experience.

3D Artist

Meet our 3D modeling expert Andrej! With extensive knowledge of 3D modeling software such as Maya, Blender, 3DS Max and many more, he is able to create high-quality 3D models and textures for a variety of projects.

He brings with them experience in rigging and animation, making him a versatile asset to any project. With a keen understanding of anatomy and character design principles and a strong ability to troubleshoot technical issues, Andrej is a valuable addition to Raez.

UI/UX Designer

Dmitry is our talented UI/UX designer. With extensive knowledge of user interface design principles and practices, Dmitry brings a wealth of experience designing for both web and mobile applications. He has deep knowledge of industry best practices, trends, and tools that allow him to create innovative and engaging user experiences.

With a proven ability to work closely with game developers, he can quickly create prototypes and mockups, bringing his ideas to life in a fast and efficient manner. He is proficient in many web/graphic design softwares, using his expertise to create intuitive and visually appealing interfaces. With Dmitry's skills and experience, our games are sure to have seamless and immersive user experiences!