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#WithTitandrawl Titanfall Giveaway #1

Win a single choice of four give-aways

  1. MoBius

    MoBius CoDe MonKey

    #WithTitandrawl Titanfall Giveaway

    Let us ease your #WithTitandrawl with an easy to do giveaway! Over the next 7 days you'll have the opportunity to win a few prizes exclusively on TitanPunch.com! The contest is extremely easy to be entered into the drawings.

    The Prizes
    We're giving one of the following prizes to 3 lucky winners
    • Copy of Titanfall on PC, Xbox 360 or Xbox One (Digital Copy)
    • The official Titanfall Xbox 360 Controller (United States Users Only OR Amazon Gift card equivalent price for International Users)
    • Titanfall Art Book (Hard Cover OR Amazon Gift card equivalent price for International Users)
    • All winners AND runner-ups will be promoted to the Go Titan Pro account for an entire year on TitanPunch.com ($15 value)

    Here's a step by step on how to become eligible:
    1. Become a member of TitanPunch.com (Register Here)
    2. Make at least 10 posts around our forums (Start by introducing yourself here)
      • This is easier than it seems! Get engaged with existing threads, or start new discussions
    3. Go into the Prizes section and simply answer the question to be eligible for the Prize Drawing.
    How the Prize Drawing will work, upon the competition ending it will automatically select 3 RANDOM winners who have at least 10 posts. From there at the exact ending time of the competition the post count of the 3 winners will determine who chooses the prizes in order, example given below:

    • User A has 150 posts
    • User B has 100 posts
    • User C has 70 posts
    In this scenario where users, A, B, and C were chosen as the winners, User A would get first pick on the prize pool. Next would be User B, and finally C would obtain the last prize standing.

    In the result of a post count tie for 2 or more users

    If for some odd reasons User B, and User C both had 100 posts at the time of the drawing, administration reserves the right to choose who picks first dependent solely on quality of posts (length and usefulness towards the forum).

    One runner-up will be chosen in the event of a user withdrawing from the competition after being chosen, or no longer being eligible (gets banned for some oddball reason).

    Once the final announcement is made on who chooses the prizes in order, we'll contact each winner directly for them to choose their prize.

    ***TitanPunch.com Administration reserves the right to modify the rules/giveaway at any given point***

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    Last edited: Mar 1, 2014
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  2. MoBius

    MoBius CoDe MonKey

    Welcome to the first contest everyone :). 3 prizes, 3 different winners!

    Please share with as many Titanfall fans you know guys, this is for the community - we want to give back!

    Click the Twitter button on the bottom of this pace, or on the contest page here:


    This link should let you post the tweet directly to your account
  3. DeathRider21

    DeathRider21 EnFOrCeR

    Already tweeted and letting my friends know!. Great contest with some truly epic prizes.
  4. MoBius

    MoBius CoDe MonKey

    Awesome appreciate it man! More attention... more users... more users... more give-aways down the road too!
  5. Chris

    Chris Harbinger of Pastries :)

    Posted on my forum :)
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  6. MoBius

    MoBius CoDe MonKey

    After sleeping on it, the post count minimum will be dropped to 10 actually. The wonders of sleep (y)
  7. CMPuLs3

    CMPuLs3 Spectre

    Interesting, guess this will make my 10th post then. Good timing (y)
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  8. MoBius

    MoBius CoDe MonKey

    Remember 10 posts will qualify you, once picked as a winner it'll let the person with the higher post count pick first.

    I had to throw in a twist something in there :D.
  9. Hakkaten

    Hakkaten Under Your Bed

    Been working my bum off trying to get my e-peen post count up! Putting my lurker status on hold for this forum, oh yes indeed.
  10. Darklurkr23

    Darklurkr23 Grunt

    I'll give it a fb post once I can actualy enter :D
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  11. MoBius

    MoBius CoDe MonKey

    That's right, no lurker status for you :D.

    Much appreciated it, almost there :).
  12. ChuckHale

    ChuckHale Cadet

    Sweet deal, sweet deal. I'm all down for a giveaway. I'll be trying to get other people in my class to go on this forum. I already like this community.
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  13. Zakallwe

    Zakallwe Minion

    Great contest and really nice site design and layout also ... looking forward to this being a good resource to discuss meta and strategy once the game is out
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  14. MoBius

    MoBius CoDe MonKey

    Thanks, more the merrier, this isn't the last contest the site will have of course, just the first one in the opening week :D.

    Appreciate it, we're going to do our best to make the site content rich when the game comes out to go along with the nice design :D.
  15. MoBius

    MoBius CoDe MonKey

    Competition ends in roughly 4 days guys, get those minimum 10 posts :), more posts to secure the top pick if you get selected. Also please don't forget to actually enter the competition... (y)
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  16. ChuckHale

    ChuckHale Cadet

    So I did attempt to get people to get on the website. I had all these little slips of paper with titanpunch.com

    I hope some people do join. I only gave them to those I know are friendly and looking forward to Titanfall.
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  17. \\Vexel

    \\Vexel Resident Hobo

    ANNNNNNNDDD the giveaway has been decided :D
  18. ChuckHale

    ChuckHale Cadet

    A challenger joins the ring!
  19. \\Vexel

    \\Vexel Resident Hobo

    Hold a sec, an extension has been made!!!! :D

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