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Titanfall Multiplayer Campaign

Discussion in 'General Titanfall Talk' started by eXiLe, Mar 4, 2014.

  1. eXiLe

    eXiLe BuLLeT MaGneT

    With Titanfall nearing release I think we should talk a little about some information that was leaked about the Titanfall Multiplayer campaign, yes campaign, no not sp but mp! :)

    With the Titanfall Multiplayer Campaign you will have a chance to either play as IMC or Militia factions through 9 matches. Each match you will play 5 Attrition and 5 Hardpoint Domination rounds (I think, this may be the wrong info from the source). Nothing as far as story has been leaked but from the new trailer released today and others I'm sure we'll see in the coming days it should rival long standing SP campaigns that a lot of us love.

    So when it is released, I'm not sure what I am going to do first, :confused:

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  2. Chris

    Chris Harbinger of Pastries :)

    I'd like to see what kind of story they will put for this game, even if it is short like battlefield.
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  3. mamBa

    mamBa The one and only

    Yea. i sure do like me a good story line to follow... unlike most games how they are the same stuff over an over from part 1 to part 3...
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  4. Hakkaten

    Hakkaten Under Your Bed

    Since Ogre and Stryder are unlocked by completing the campaign....yeah I'm doing that first. I do play games for story after all.
  5. Milan

    Milan Pilot in Training

    yeah i was going to say that...since you have to play the mp campaign to unlock them, i will be doing this right from the get go
  6. eXiLe

    eXiLe BuLLeT MaGneT

    Do you know of any more unlocks? If so can you make a new thread and post them please?

    Split Topic: http://titanpunch.com/threads/levels-and-unlocks-titanfall.135/
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  7. ChuckHale

    ChuckHale Cadet

    I'm ready for all o' them campaign playings
  8. ChuckHale

    ChuckHale Cadet

    Just thought about campaign for a while. I think that I'll do the campaign first to get the chassis's and then play classic.
  9. Milan

    Milan Pilot in Training

    yeah ill be doing that first for sure as well. Plus it will be nice to learn the story behind why each faction is fighting.
  10. DeathRider21

    DeathRider21 EnFOrCeR

    As much as i would love doing the multiplayer first, I think i will do the sp campaign.
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  11. ChuckHale

    ChuckHale Cadet

    Hate to break it to you, but there's only a multiplayer mode. There is no singleplayer.
  12. Milan

    Milan Pilot in Training

    yeah but theres multi-player campaign which has a story in it
  13. mamBa

    mamBa The one and only

    i might have to agree with yo on this.. i might do the same just so i can get the feel for them all right off the back..

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