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Titanfall Dedicated Servers

Discussion in 'PC Titanfall Discussion' started by eXiLe, Mar 10, 2014.

  1. eXiLe

    eXiLe BuLLeT MaGneT

    Although it has been said numerous times that Titanfall will have dedicated servers there seems to be a glaring confusion in the wording of 'Dedicated Servers'.

    To all the old time PC players a dedicated server means that you can rent, manage, name your server and control who plays on the server. While the developers say "Yes there will be dedicated servers" but "No you Titanfall will not have servers to rent". Obviously there is a void here and could be avoided. A dedicated server is just what it means, it is dedicated to running the game, that is it. No control on our part will be allowed and truthfully it has benefits.

    Match making has came a long way since we first seen in action with Modern Warfare 2, if you had a chance to play that. Just jumping in and gaming feels a ton better than sifting through 1000's of oddly named servers in a server browser. But you will have your diehard gamers that love that setup but honestly it is becoming a thing of the past.

    I'm a bit on the fence about the whole thing but I think the way it is now will be a winner for Titanfall. Many seem let down by the fact they can't host they're own servers and run 40 players slots and try to find the best name to make it appear at the top of the list. Just remember Titanfall was designed for 6 vs 6 and was highly tested to find that sweet spot.

    Stand by for Titanfall!

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  2. mamBa

    mamBa The one and only

    i wouldn't mind 8v8. All around i'm very pleased with the game on how it was in Beta so anything more i wish for the better. (y)
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  3. Crixxix

    Crixxix Spectre

  4. ChuckHale

    ChuckHale Cadet

    I'd be happy to have a bigger game. And it's on source, so it shouldn't be too hard to make your own maps. Imagine a big map with 12v12
  5. Chris

    Chris Harbinger of Pastries :)

    I still think the 6v6 is the best balance for this game, but would be interesting to see them add 12v12, wonder how much more chaos that would be :eek:
  6. Lucas

    Lucas Grunt

    Looks like I lost, yup. It's still ok I guess this way, best ping I can get from here is around 90ms, hopefully it gets better overtime.
  7. eXiLe

    eXiLe BuLLeT MaGneT

    Yea I agree, the ping thing is really annoying to me. Playing in our group I always have 100+ ping since most of them are on the west coast and I'm toward the east. If I play alone I'm in the 30-40 range and play so much better.
  8. MoBius

    MoBius CoDe MonKey

    I have wonderful ping :D, I love companies based out of CA, I know they have servers around the world but the servers tend to favor me.
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  9. ChuckHale

    ChuckHale Cadet

    I was always considering moving somewhere warmer. It's mighty cold here in the winters.
  10. DeathRider21

    DeathRider21 EnFOrCeR

    Hard to go wrong with dedicated servers imo. Cod somehow thought otherwise though..
  11. MoBius

    MoBius CoDe MonKey

    Still wish they'd make servers available for public purchase, I'd love to throw in customization on a server :D, get some stats integrated into the website but now we can't ;(.
  12. Chris

    Chris Harbinger of Pastries :)

    :( never know they may eventually

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