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Titan Punch Forums FAQ

Discussion in 'Bugs, Suggestions & Feedback' started by MoBius, Feb 28, 2014.

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  1. MoBius

    MoBius CoDe MonKey

    This thread is meant to give you helpful answers for features around the site. This thread will be updated as time goes on and things are updated. It will be locked so if you have suggestions or questions that would be useful here just simply start a new thread inside the Bugs, Suggestions & Feedback area.

    How do I change my personal settings?
    On Titan Punch you'll notice your username on the top right of the header, this is a dropdown which will allow you to quickly get to certain settings, Log Out and set a status.

    It looks like so:


    How can I find new posts or recent activity?
    There's a few ways of finding new activity, popular activity and other latest things happening on the site. First we'll start with the forum page, you'll notice at the top it has a little widget:
    The red outlined threads means you have yet to read the latest response(you should check it and respond).
    If it has a yellowish background it means it's a sticky thread and usually an important announcement or important enough information that needs to be stuck at top.

    The tabs across the top will allow you to view latest replies, latest threads, most replied threads and an easy way to access your threads.

    Next you can find the newposts1.png icon in the navigation which will link you to recent posts.

    Or hover the Forums link in the navigation and click New Posts:

    How do I get that freaking cool symbol on my avatar plus the blue name?
    This is part of an account upgrade called Go Titan Pro, it will give you extra benefits around our forum. This is a premium upgrade which is priced at $10 per year. All proceeds from this upgrade will go back into the community for give-a way's, costs and other things that help TitanPunch.com
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  2. eXiLe

    eXiLe BuLLeT MaGneT

    Users can also tag other users by simply add a '@' in front of their username like so.


    The user/s will receive a alert that they have been tagged in a post.
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